Family Violence Statistics

and related data collections

National data with information on
family or domestic violence

The rate of family violence in the United States
has fallen sharply over the past decade

Family violence accounts for
about 11% of all violence

Many types of family violence are declining

Why is family violence on the decline?

The majority of family violence victims are female

The majority of family violence offenders are male

Family violence victims and offenders by relationship

Simple assault is the most frequent type of family violence

Approximately 1 in 5 murders
is family murder

Trends in family murder

Family murder victims

Is family violence more serious than nonfamily violence?

Family versus nonfamily

Family violence was more likely to be reported to police than nonfamily violence

Are family violence offenders treated differently than nonfamily violence offenders by the courts?

Half of imprisoned family violence offenders were in prison for a sex crime against a family member

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