The Role of the World Series Champion White Sox  in Reducing Homicide in Chicago

Reducing Homicide in Chicago: Strategies and Tactics of the Chicago Police Department

Overview of Presentation

The Homicide Image Problem in Chicago and the City’s Response

Management’s Theory of Causation

Gang Related Homicides as
a Percent of All Homicides

Management’s Theory of Action

Translation into Practice

1. Right People on Bus

2. Right Information:
Information Technology

2a. Right Information: Cameras

3. Right Management
Structure at the Top

3a. Create Deployment Operation Center (DOC):

4. Right Deployment Schemes

4a. Street Level Enforcement: Citywide

4b. Street-level Enforcement:
Area Wide

4c. Street Level Enforcement: District Level

4d. Notable Street-Level Tactics

Gang/Narcotics Loitering
“Hot Spots” Law

Slide 20

5. Right Accountability System

BCSA Accountability Meetings

Accountable for Impact

Slide 24

Accountable for Emerging Trends


The VISE Meeting: Accountability COMPSTAT Style in 2003

DOC Meetings

DOC Prepares “Information
and Analysis Report”

Slide 30

Samples of
“Area Conflict” Information

Right Follow Up with
Non-LE Resources

Outcomes: Evidence of Effectiveness?

What We Do Know

Slide 35

District Level Hypothesis


Future Analyses

Sum: Pressure applied
to drug and violence hot spots by:

Limits of Hot Spots Policing

Potential Adverse Effects

Economic costs

Neighborhood Costs

Biased Policing?

Costs to CJS

Opportunity Costs of Anything “Hot”

Doing Hot Spots Policing “Right”