Risk of Victimization: United States and Canada

Presenter: Dr. Kwing Hung

JRSA/BJS National Conference
Seattle, WA
October 2004



ICVS: 5 cycles

ICVS: Participants

ICVS: Contents - I

ICVS: Contents - II

ICVS: Benefits

Improvements in 2004


Victimization: indicators

International Comparison

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Risk Factors - I

Risk Factors - II

Overall Victimization

Overall Factor I

Overall Factor II

Overall Factor III

Overall Factor IV

Risk of Robbery

Risk of Robbery Factor I

Risk of Robbery Factor II

Risk of Robbery Factor III

Risk of Robbery Factor IV

Risk of Car Theft

Risk of Car theft Factor I

Risk of Car theft Factor II

Risk of Car theft Factor III

Risk of Car theft Factor IV

Risk Factors: Summary I

Risk Factors: Summary II

Kwing Hung / Steve Mihorean
Research and Statistics Division
Department of Justice Canada

khung@justice.gc.ca smihore@justice.gc.ca