Accuracy of Arrestees’ Self-Reports:

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Accuracy of arrestees’ self-reports

Brief literature review

Project background

Interview arrestees about their criminal histories and offending behaviors

ADAM-NYC Policing sample

Demographics (N=892)

Criminal justice history and
recent drug use  (N=892)

Self-disclosure of criminal histories

Acceptable to good rates of disclosure

Poor rates of disclosure

Other findings about disclosure

Accuracy addresses how many contacts

Measures of accuracy

Measuring accuracy, general model

Length in jail by self-report
and official records (example)

Precision of Self-reports by NYC Arrestees

Central findings about accuracy

Differences in accuracy by CJ measure

Why arrestees may
under-report CJ contacts

Why over-report and over-disclosure?

Summary of findings


Conclusions and research implications

Relevant publications by
Drs. Golub and Johnson and associates

Relevant publications by
Bruce D. Johnson & associates