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Speaker Presentations for 2001 (New Orleans, LA)

Geoffrey P. Alpert Racial Profiling: Setting a Research Agenda

Philip R. Canter Race Based Traffic Stop Program: Local Law Enforcement Perspective

Gina Caruolo The Challenge of Criminal History Upgrade

Karen Levy McCanna Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Erica Morrow How Can Orders of Protection Data Influence Policy and Practice in Illinois?

Mark Myrent Multi-Method Approaches to DMC Research

Michael Overton Nebraska Integration: The Use of Automated Records

Roger Przybylski Evaluation Methods and Management Tools

Lisa Riechers Accessing and Analyzing Criminal History Records in Texas: Strengths and Limitations of the CCH System

Susan Roth Crime and Politics: Key Decisions in Sharing Minnesota's Criminal Justice Information

Samuel Williams Police-Public Contact Survey

Douglas L. Yearwood Methodological Issues for Conducting Gang Surveys