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State Overview

Domestic Violence Legislation:Yes (968.075)
NIBRS Status:Certified
Additional IBR Elements:Yes
Law Enforcement DV System:Incident-Based
Service Provider DV System:Summary
Service Provider SA System:None

State Summary

Wisconsin's domestic violence legislation includes same-sex partners if they are currently living together or have lived together in the past. The state is certified by the FBI to collect NIBRS data. The Office of Justice Assistance (OJA) collects law enforcement data from approximately 35 of the 367 agencies in the state, including data values in addition to what is required by NIBRS. These include additional relationships:

  • other domestic violence victim
  • cohabitant
  • babysitter
  • ex-boy/girlfriend
  • professional care provider
  • professional care receiver
  • other business relationship
  • not a victim of this offender
and additional locations:

  • shopping mall
  • outbuilding
  • park
  • victim's vehicle
  • offender's vehicle
  • other vehicle
  • victim temporary lodgings
  • offender temporary lodgings
  • other temporary lodgings
  • victim residence
  • offender residence
  • other residence
Agencies not reporting incident-based data must complete a separate Sexual Assault report for each incident reported to the police. These reports are also collected by the state Office of Justice Assistance. Incident reports have separate check boxes for law enforcement to use when reporting incidents among domestic partners; however, no additional information is sent to OJA. The Office publishes annual reports on sexual assault, which are available online.

Local district attorneys in the state are mandated by statute to supply the Wisconsin Department of Justice with charging and disposition data for all domestic incidents. Fifty of the 72 counties share incident-level information via the District Attorney's Prosecutor Technology for Case Tracking (PROTECT) system. The counties that do not have access to the system instead provide the same information using a Web-based data entry program on the Department's Web site. The information is then combined and is used for annual reports, which are available from the Department's Web site.

The OJA's Statistical Analysis Center created a sexual assault database for service providers to maintain statistics on the services provided. This database is currently being formatted for Web-based reporting.

The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence does not collect statistics from local service providers but does collect statewide information on domestic homicides. This information is collected from law enforcement, newspapers, and the public. The information is compiled into annual reports, available from its Web site. The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault also does not collect local data, but does collect information from agencies who receive grants on the type and number of trainings conducted.

The Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services collects summary data from 73 domestic violence service providers in the state. Programs submit information annually; the Department does not publish the information, but data are available to the public upon request. The Department also collects information on the number of hotline calls handled by select sexual assault service providers, but statewide information is not currently collected.

State Projects

  • Safe Haven Visitation and Exchange Plan Implementation Project
    This project provides assistance for families experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and stalking. Four of the 34 state service providers are receiving funds to expand services, enhance safety, and increase center staff. In addition to the mandated OJP technical support, training and technical assistance to the four implementation sites are provided by subcontracts from the Children's Trust Fund to the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Kieffer Consultation and Facilitation.

  • Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization
    In this project, the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance is establishing a Member Services Rural Advocacy Partnership project to strengthen the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence's (WCADV) rural programs.

Available Reports

General Crime

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault

Sample Data Collection Forms

The Office of Justice Assistance provides these forms to law enforcement for crime reporting:

The Department of Health and Family Services collects data from grantees using these summary forms:

The Office of Justice Assistance collects data from grantees using this summary form:

The Wisconsin Department of Justice collects information from victims applying for compensation using this form:

Available Data

General Crime

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault

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