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State Overview

Domestic Violence Legislation:Yes (107.700)
NIBRS Status:Certified
Additional Data ElementsNo
Law Enforcement DV System:Incident-based / Summary
Service Provider DV System:Summary
Service Provider SA System:Summary

State Summary

The state definition of domestic violence includes persons who are currently living together or who lived together in the past or couples who are sexually intimate, regardless of sex. Agencies submit crime information to the Oregon State Police Criminal Justice Information Services Unit. Summary agencies also submit a count of the number of offenses associated with domestic disturbances. The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission's Statistical Analysis Center funded a victimization survey which included domestic and sexual assault and stalking. The report, as well as state crime data, are available from the Center's Web site.

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence does not collect any statistics from service providers in the state; instead, granting agencies collect service information from agencies that receive funding. The Oregon Office of Homeland Security Criminal Justice Services Division requires grantees to submit summary program progress reports. This information is not currently available to the public.

The Oregon Department of Human Services Injury and Violence Prevention Program compiles data from the Hospital Discharge Index, surveillance surveys, inpatient and emergency hospital records, law enforcement data, medical examiner reports, and victimization surveys into the Intimate Partner Violence Data Collection Project. These data are used for various reports to examine both domestic and sexual violence. All reports are available from its Web site.

State Projects

No current projects.

Available Reports

General Crime

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault


Violence Against Women

Sample Data Collection Forms

The Oregon State Police provides these forms to law enforcement; all are summary forms, except for the homicide form, which is completed for each homicide:

The Department of Human Services collects this summary-based form from service providers:

The Oregon Office of Homeland Security Criminal Justice Services Division collects this national form from grantees:

The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission's Statistical Analysis Center sponsored this victimization survey, conducted by the Oregon Survey Research Laboratory:

The Oregon Department of Justice Crime Victims Compensation collects information using these forms:

Available Data

General Crime

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault

Links to State Agencies and Resources