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State Overview

Domestic Violence Legislation:Yes (SOS Article 6-A, 459-a for a definition of domestic victims)
Also see CPL 530.12 for order of protection legislation
NIBRS Status:Testing
Additional Data ElementsYes
Law Enforcement DV System:Incident-based
Service Provider DV System:Summary
Service Provider SA System:Summary - Hotline Only

State Summary

The state statute defining domestic violence includes incidents between same-sex partners. The New York State's Division of Criminal Justice Services maintains the NYS Incident-Based Reporting Program; currently, 269 law enforcement agencies submit incident-based data and additional agencies are testing the system. The New York incident-based program does include elements in addition to what is required by NIBRS; these include:

  • location (city, town, village) code of incident
  • station/division/precinct identifier
  • offense number
  • incident larceny type
  • source of drug data
  • offender ethnic origin
  • level of injury
  • victim medical treatment
  • Offender-Based Tracking System number
  • NYS ID Number
  • arrest status
  • arrestee/charge link
  • arrest larceny type
The Division provides optional incident and arrest reports for agencies submitting incident-based data. Agencies may use their own forms but must collect all of the required information. In addition to submitting crime reports, agencies are required to submit separate Domestic Incident Reports. Data are published in annual reports and are available upon request.

The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence keeps track of the number of hotline calls received but does not collect individual statistics. The information that is collected is shared with the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, which provides resources to the public but does not collect additional information. The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault provide technical assistance to local sexual assault service providers but do not collect victim or service data. The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault does not routinely collect sexual assault data but is involved in several New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence related research projects, detailed below.

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services collects aggregate data monthly from all domestic violence service providers in the state. Data are published in its annual report. The New York State Office of Victim Services tracks the number of claims paid during the reporting period by type of crime, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, as well as the number sexual assault examination claims. The information is used only for grant purposes and is not provided in reports.

State Projects

  • Testing the Efficacy of Judicial Monitoring: A Randomized Trial at the Rochester Domestic Violence Courts
    While judicial monitoring has been shown to be effective with other criminal justice populations, few studies, and none involving a randomized control design, have been conducted with domestic violence offenders. This study will fill this gap through a randomized trial to determine the efficacy of a carefully designed, robust model of judicial monitoring. In addition to examining the impact of monitoring on official recidivism and victim reports of re-abuse, the study will also examine the impact on intervening offender perceptions regarding the swiftness, certainty, and severity of further sanctions in response to violations of the court's orders.

  • Improving Services for Women with Disabilities Who Are Abused: A Collaborative Project
    The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence is partnering with the Center for Disability Rights and the Empire Justice Center (formerly known as the Greater Upstate Law Project) to improve services for women with disabilities who are abused. The Grant to End Violence Against Women with Disabilities is an exciting and unique statewide initiative that allows the three organizations to help create an informed, educated, and interconnected community of domestic violence and disability rights advocates in New York State who provide services to women with disabilities who are abused. The overall goal of the project is to reduce or eliminate the physical, programmatic, and attitudinal barriers that hinder women with disabilities' access to, and utilization of, essential crisis and support services. With this in mind, this collaborative project will:
    • provide technical assistance and education
    • develop a series of cross-trainings for domestic violence and disability advocates
    • create a comprehensive training curriculum and resource materials
    • develop a comprehensive self-assessment tool to assist domestic violence shelters and programs in evaluating their architectural and programmatic accessibility
    • establish a Listserv for the exchange of information, ideas, and resources among domestic violence program advocates, disability-related service organizations, and service providers for the deaf.
  • New York State Probation Domestic Violence Intervention Project
    The NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (DPCA) collaborated with the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence to implement a joint project designed to assist local probation departments in providing a more consistent legal system response to abused women and domestic violence offenders, promote collaboration within communities and across agencies, and foster relationships with local domestic violence advocates. Originally developed under a U.S Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies and Enforcement of Protection Orders Program, DPCA's statewide network of Probation Domestic Violence Liaisons from each county probation department and a Domestic Violence Workgroup continue to function as advisors in the design and implementation of model policies, procedures and protocols in response to domestic violence.

  • New York State Victim Assistance Academy
    The New York State Victim Assistance Academy, sponsored by the NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault, is an interdisciplinary, academically-based learning experience for crime victim service providers, advocates, and allied professionals. It provides a foundation in the principles and policies of victims' rights work and a comprehensive set of skills, knowledge, and resources to enable service providers to better meet the short- and long-term needs of crime victims in New York State.

  • Spas for Survivors
    The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault is partnering with The Enterprising Kitchen to allow the public to donate spa baskets to survivors of sexual assault.

  • President's Family Justice Center Initiative
    The PFJCI, administered by the Office on Violence Against Women, has provided grants to establish comprehensive domestic violence victim service and support centers. The goal of the PFJCI is to make a victim's search for help and justice more efficient and effective by bringing professionals who provide an array of government and community services together under one roof. New York now has centers in Erie, Orange and Westchester counties and the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

  • Available Reports

    General Crime

    Domestic Violence

    Sexual Assault


    Sample Data Collection Forms

    These are the required domestic and optional incident and arrest forms provided by the Division of Criminal Justice Services to law enforcement agencies in the state:

    The Office of Children and Family Services uses a variety of forms to collect summary information from domestic violence service providers, depending on the types of services provided:

    The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault uses this survey to evaluate the services available to sexual assault victims:

    The Crime Victims Board collects information from victims applying for compensation using this online form:

    Available Data

    General Crime

    Domestic Violence

    Sexual Assault

    Links to State Agencies and Resources