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State Overview

Domestic Violence Legislation:Yes (Section 28.323)
NIBRS Status:Certified
Additional IBR Elements:Yes
Law Enforcement DV System:Incident-Based/Summary
Service Provider DV System:Incident-Based
Service Provider SA System:Incident-Based

State Summary

Nebraska does have legislation that defines domestic violence, including violence between same-sex partners. The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice collects crime statistics from the law enforcement agencies in the state. Nebraska is NIBRS-certified, with additional data elements being collected. These include additional data values:

  • Offenses: Gas from self-service station and minor in possession
  • Location types: Farm building and sidewalk/driveway/yard
  • Weapon type: Semi-automatic
  • Property descriptions: Grain/hay/feed and herbicides/insecticides
  • Victim type: Law enforcement officer
  • Relationship of victim to offender: Ex-boy/girlfriend
and additional data elements:
  • Geocode (in Administrative segment)
  • Felony (in Offense and Arrestee segments)
  • State Statute Number (in Arrestee segment)
Drug type and criminal activity data elements are also included in the Arrestee segment.

Agencies that do not report incident-based data complete Offense/Activity Reports, submitted monthly. On these forms, domestic violence incidents are noted with a 'D' added to the offense code. No incident-level information is recorded. Currently, roughly 60 of the 164 law enforcement agencies submit incident-based data. In addition to collecting law enforcement data, the Commission also conducts statewide surveys. Last conducted in 1997, these surveys focused on public attitudes toward various criminal justice issues rather than criminal victimization. Nebraska also recently passed legislation on firearm restrictions to include individuals convicted of any domestic violence misdemeanors or who are a respondent on a protection order.

The Commission's Information Services Division maintains the state's domestic violence and sexual assault service provider system and protection order database. The service provider database includes summary information on the number of clients and services provided, as received from the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition. The Nebraska State Police maintains the state repository of criminal history records and fingerprints. The Nebraska Judicial Branch maintains the state protection order registry, which is accessible to all law enforcement agencies in the state. The State Police oversees the Foreign Protection Order Registry.

The Nebraska Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition collects client and event information on a standardized form monthly from pdf document local programs that the Coalition funds. The information is included in the Coalition's annual report.

State Projects

  • Improving Communities' Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
    The project, a collaboration between the Attorney General's Office, State Patrol, and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition, uses law enforcement statistics and victim impact panels to develop regional training for local agencies. The project also determines the compliance of local agencies with state domestic violence statutory requirements and provides assistance to domestic violence and sexual assault response teams.

  • Available Reports

    General Crime Statistics

    Domestic Violence

    Sexual Assault

    Sample Data Collection Forms

    The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice collects these reports from agencies reporting summary crime statistics:

    The Nebraska Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition collects information on every client:

    Available Data

    Domestic Violence

    Sexual Assault

    Links to State Agencies and Resources