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State Overview

Domestic Violence Legislation:Yes (§19-13-1)
NIBRS Status:No Formal Plans
Law Enforcement DV System:Incident-based
Service Provider DV System:Summary
Service Provider SA System:Summary

State Summary

The state's domestic violence legislation does include same-sex relationships. Although the state is not NIBRS-certified, Norcross PD has been issued certification and submits its incident-based information directly to the FBI. The other 600-plus agencies submit incident-based family violence data to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) monthly using a standardized report form. The GBI also maintains the state's protection order database.

The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence does not collect data from local programs but rather uses newspapers to gather information on domestic violence-related deaths. Information collected includes county, victim age, offender prior criminal history, means and specifics of death, and location. Information is not shared with the public but is sent to Coalition members.

The Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault collects information from the local rape crisis centers. Currently the information is collected yearly; however, the Network plans to collect the information on a monthly basis. The data that are collected are not published or released to the public but are provided to legislators.

Georgia's Department of Human Resources collects information from 45 domestic violence shelters and 23 rape crisis centers across the state through two separate online databases. All of the collected information is available upon request but is not published.

State Projects

  • Family Violence Intervention Program
    The Georgia Commission on Family Violence and the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) establish standards for FVIPs in Georgia. GCFV also assists GDC in training, certifying and monitoring FVIPs. Certified FVIPs are designed to rehabilitate family violence offenders and are charged with prioritizing victim safety and participant accountability.

  • Violence Against Women
    The Georgia Department of Health's Violence Against Women program envisions a culture free of violence. The program provides leadership and resources to communities to implement prevention education and crisis services. These activities are designed to promote a shift in cultural norms in an effort to increase knowledge and change the attitudes of Georgia's citizens regarding violence against women. Violence against women is a major public health problem for Georgia women. The Sourcebook for Criminal Justice Statistics, 2001, ranked Georgia 19 out of 51, based on the rates of violent crime, which included forcible rape, aggravated assault, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, and robbery. In fact, according to the Cost of Intimate Violence Report by CDC, the costs of intimate partner assault, rape and stalking is estimated to exceed $5.8 billion each year.

  • Project Connect
    Georgia is one of 10 sites chosen by the Family Violence Prevention Fund to participate in the 2-year Project Connect Program. This project is funded by through the health provisions in Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2005. Project Connect is designed to find new ways to identify, respond to and prevent domestic and sexual violence and promote an improved public health response to domestic violence. As part of the project, Georgia has developed a Leadership Team comprised of various health professionals representing public health agencies, researchers, physicians and nurses. Additional members include professionals working with culturally diverse populations. The Leadership Team worked to develop project goals and objectives for the two-year project.

  • Available Reports

    General Crime

    Domestic Violence

    Sexual Assault

    Violence Against Women

    Sample Data Collection Forms

    The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence gathers information from newspaper articles and enters it into this database structure:

    The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council collects these forms from agencies receiving Victims of Crime Act and Violence Against Women Act funds:

    The Judicial Council of Georgia collect this information on services provided to victims of domestic violence:

    Available Data

    General Crime Statistics

    Domestic Violence

    Sexual Assault

    Links to State Agencies and Resources