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Domestic Violence in the States

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For information on a particular state, please visit the state profiles.

Domestic Violence Legislation

All states have some kind of legislation that defines domestic or intimate partner violence. This definition, however, ranges widely across states. In most states the definition includes those who have ever had some kind of romantic relationship, regardless of gender and cohabitation status. Several, however, limit the definition to couples who have lived together or who share a child.

State   Statute   Excludes Same-Sex Relationship Excludes Dating Relationship* Requires Sexual Relationship
Alabama 13A-6-130      
Alaska 18.66.990      
Arizona 13-3601   XX  
Arkansas 9-15-103      
California Family Code 6209-6211      
Colorado 13-14-101      
Connecticut 815a, 46b-38a      
Delaware Title 10:9:III, § 1041      
DC 16-1051      
Florida 741-28   XX  
Georgia §19-13-1   XX  
Hawaii §586-1      
Idaho 39-6303      
Illinois 725 ILCS5/112A-3      
Indiana IC 31-9-2-44.5      
Iowa 236.2      
Kansas 21-3412a   XX  
Kentucky 403.72   XX  
Louisiana RS14:35.3 XX XX  
Maine 19-A:§4002     XX
Maryland §4-513   XX  
Massachusetts 209A,1      
Michigan 400 Act 389      
Minnesota 518B.01      
Mississippi §97-3-7      
Missouri 455.01      
Montana 45-5-206 XX    
Nebraska 28-323      
Nevada NRS 33.017      
New Hampshire XII:173-B:1      
New Jersey 2C:25-19      
New Mexico 40-13-2      
New York SOS 6-A,459-a      
North Carolina §50B-1 XX    
North Dakota 14-07.1      
Ohio §3113.31   XX  
Oklahoma 22,60-1      
Oregon 107.7     XX
Pennsylvania 23, §6101      
Rhode Island §12-29-2      
South Carolina 20-4-20 XX XX  
South Dakota 25-10-1   XX  
Tennessee 39-13-111   XX  
Texas 4.71.001      
Utah 30-6-1   XX  
Vermont 15 VSA § 1101      
Virginia §18.2-57.2   XX  
Washington RCW 26.50.010      
West Virginia §61-2-28      
Wisconsin 968.075   XX  
Wyoming 35-21-101      
*Except for current/former cohabitation or shared child

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