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State Overview

Domestic Violence Legislation:Yes (13A-6-130)
NIBRS Status:Developing
Additional IBR Elements:Yes
Law Enforcement DV System:Incident-Based
Service Provider DV System:Incident-Based
Service Provider SA System:Incident-Based

State Summary

The State of Alabama does have legislation in place defining domestic violence in the state, including same-sex romantic relationships. The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center currently collects incident-based crime data from local law enforcement agencies, but the state has not been certified by the FBI. As a result, only summary counts of data are currently available at the national level. Alabama does collect two additional data elements that may pertain to domestic violence and sexual assault offenses: (1) whether a rape exam has been conducted and (2) whether the victim received treatment for an injury. Alabama has also expanded their location codes. In addition to the NIBRS data elements, location codes include:

  • victim's car
  • offender's car
  • victim's residence
  • offender's residence
  • apartment complex
  • vacant lot
  • vacant house/building
  • dirt road
  • residence of friend/relative of offender
  • residence of friend/relative of victim
  • trailer park
  • hospital
  • railroad tracks
  • prison/corrections facility
  • cemetery
  • lake/beach

The Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence collects information from its 18 member shelter organizations and statewide hotline using a networked system called Alice. Although Alice has been developed for national use, the Coalition has expanded the system to collect additional information. Additional information includes data from Project SAIL (Special Assessment Intervention and Liaison) and Cut It Out Program. Through Project SAIL, a domestic violence specialist is placed in the Department of Human Resources offices to screen clients for possible domestic violence. Cut It Out, now a national organization funded by the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, trains salon professionals to recognize domestic violence indicators and refer clients to available resources, where needed.

The Alabama Department of Public Health's Injury Prevention Division collects information from 15 rape crisis centers in the state. The member centers complete forms via a Microsoft ACCESS program as part of the Department's Medquest system. Data are collected monthly and are included in an annual report. The Alabama Coalition Against Rape does not collect information but does provide public information and support to local crisis centers.

Since Alabama has a separate domestic violence offense statute, the Alabama Sentencing Commission is able to track domestic violence as well as sexual assault charges through the court database. Although some offenses that could be charged as domestic violence are instead being charged as assault, the domestic violence charges are included in the Commission's yearly report listing the 25 offenses most often charged each year.

State Projects

  • Violence Against Women Prevention Program
    Under the stimulus plan, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) will receive $2.2 million in additional funding to support programs that address violent crimes against women. The program's main objectives are to develop and implement effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies to combat violent crimes against women and develop and enhance services provided to victims. Entities eligible for the grant funds are state, local and tribal courts, local and tribal governments and nonprofit victim-services programs.

  • Crime Victims' Assistance
    Additional funds of $809,000 have been allocated to help crime victims in Alabama through ADECA's Victims of Crime Assistance Program. The program seeks to give crime victims access to professional assistance, with priority given to victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Public and private nonprofit organizations that provide direct services to crime victims are eligible for grant funds.

  • Sexual Assault/ Rape Prevention Program
    The Rape Prevention and Education Program supports the Alabama Coalition Against Rape (ACAR) and its 15 member rape crisis centers in its efforts to provide educational programs addressing violence against women. The programs include 24-hour hotlines and educational activities in schools, organizations and communities The Division will also be working with organizations across the state to develop a statewide plan to reduce violence against women.

  • S.A.V.E. Program
    The S.A.V.E. Project is a grant-funded program at Troy University that provides support counseling, advocacy, and outreach services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. S.A.V.E. stands for Sexual Assault and Violence Education and is funded by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.

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    Violence Against Women

    Sample Data Collection Forms

    This is the incident report form provided by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center for law enforcement:

    These are examples of forms used by the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

    The Department of Public Health uses this software to gather sexual assault information:

    This is the form collected by the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission:

    Available Data

    Domestic Violence

    Sexual Assault

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