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About The Center

This Web site was initiated with funding from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The purpose of the Center is to provide information to researchers, practitioners and members of the public interested in finding, using, or understanding domestic and sexual violence and stalking data. The Center updates information collected by JRSA in 1998 and published in pdf document Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Data Collection Systems in the States.

Law enforcement data, consisting of incidents reported to the police, are the most common source of information for research and reports on domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, but they are not the only sources of data. Victims of these offenses may choose not to report incidents to the police, resulting in lower estimates of incidence when using law enforcement data. Some victims may, however, choose to seek services even when a police report is not filed, or may provide information not reported to the police in response to victimization or health surveys. JRSA has created this Center to help identify these various sources of data, although the emphasis is on data from police and victim services agencies.

Researchers, practitioners and students are often interested in obtaining data sets for further use. The Center does not directly provide users with domestic violence and sexual assault data sets. There is no single comprehensive source of data that provides a national picture on the incidence and prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault. The section on Available Data provides information on some of the national sources of data that address domestic violence and sexual assault. Some of these data sets, along with data from large-scale national studies, are available from the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD); links to these data sets are provided where appropriate. The Center also provides links to sources of, and reports based on, state domestic violence and sexual assault data. Although raw data are seldom made available to the public, data may be available from the state agencies directly.

The state information found in the Center was obtained in 2006 via telephone interviews and email surveys. Criminal justice agencies, including Statistical Analysis Centers, Uniform Crime Reporting Programs, and domestic and sexual assault coalitions were contacted for information. While JRSA made every effort to obtain comprehensive information, the accuracy of the information provided here may vary from state to state.

The Center is organized by state and by topic. On each state profile, users will find a summary of the agencies that collect, report, and use domestic and sexual violence and stalking data. Links are also available to take users to the state legislation, projects, reports, data collection forms, agency Web sites, and data, where available. Users can also view the information for all states by visiting the State Summaries, Projects, Bibliography, Form Library, Links and Contacts, and Available Data sections.

If you have information or updates you would like to contribute, please contact Stan Orchowsky.