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JRSA Website and SAC Innovation Awards

Website Award
The JRSA Website Award recognizes excellence in utilizing the Web for the dissemination of justice data and research. The contest is judged by members of the JRSA Training, Technical Assistance, and Technology Committee, who review all of the SAC Web sites, nominate a list of finalists, and then vote for the best site based on content, technical quality, and aesthetics.

2014 Awards

Colorado SAC

SAC Innovation Award
The Certificate of Recognition for Technical Innovation is given for efforts by SACs which are outstanding examples of leadership in applying new technologies and analysis methods to the information needs of the justice community.

2014 Awards

Illinois SAC
Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI)

Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) is a statewide funding source for prison diversion programs that are run by counties or judicial circuits. Created by the Crime Reduction Act of 2009, ARI funds evidence-based programs that service prison-bound individuals in the community with a major focus on performance measurement and program improvement. When ARI started in 2011, the initial pilot sites had varying capabilities for providing individual-level data for performance measurement. The Illinois SAC worked with the sites to conceptualize a data collection instrument that would support required performance measurement. An Access database was developed that allows users to capture individual-level information on all parts of the probation process. The database is robust enough to act as a basic case management system, with reports that allow probation staff to monitor caseloads. It also houses data required by ARI for performance measurement, including probation revocations, technical violations, successful treatment episodes, and contact levels with probation officers. It can be tailored to each individual site through the use of drop-down menus (non-editable combo boxes) or specialized reports, which allow the same database to be used for multiple program types (e.g. intensive probation, drug court, mental health court, etc.). The standardization of the database and its free-to-use distribution allow smaller jurisdictions or jurisdictions without electronic case management systems to submit coded, client-level information for analysis.

West Virginia SAC
Improving the Accuracy of Crime Statistics: NIBRS Data Quality Tool for the States

Users of data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) must contend with, and find methods for resolving, problems of data quality such as missing values and irregular reporting. To address these data quality issues, the West Virginia SAC developed and tested a macro-enabled Excel workbook tool, NIBRS Data Quality Control Tool for the States. The tool is designed to be used by analysts in the states and local jurisdictions to input data, launch macros that identify missing and irregular data, and ultimately produce clean datasets for crime trend or other types of statistical analyses. Moreover, it uses readily available software, making it accessible to most people working in ordinary office settings (i.e., Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications) and follows a step-by-step guided process developed by the SAC. The analytic methods used in the tool involve an algorithm for identifying missing data and outlier detection formulas to identify irregular data. This tool has been tested and validated by the SAC on longitudinal data using rigorous analytic methods, and has demonstrated its usefulness in improving data which are used as a basis for information and research.

Past JRSA Website and SAC Innovation Awards recipients

National Publication Award
BJS Special Award for State Justice Statistics Achievement

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