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JRSA Website and SAC Innovation Awards

Website Award
The JRSA Website Award recognizes excellence in utilizing the Web for the dissemination of justice data and research. The contest is judged by members of the JRSA Training, Technical Assistance, and Technology Committee, who review all of the SAC Web sites, nominate a list of finalists, and then vote for the best site based on content, technical quality, and aesthetics.

2013 Award

West Virginia SAC

SAC Innovation Award
The Certificate of Recognition for Technical Innovation is given for efforts by SACs which are outstanding examples of leadership in applying new technologies and analysis methods to the information needs of the justice community.

2013 Awards

Illinois SAC
Illinois Criminal History and Recidivism Analysis Tool

The Illinois SAC created a data tool that is publicly available on the Illinois SAC website as part of a suite of data analysis tools. Users select from options in a form to construct a particular prison admission or release cohort, click a button, and additional options on the type of criminal justice events to be included in the criminal history or recidivism analysis become visible. Users can then obtain statistical and graphical information, which can be copied and pasted into spreadsheets. Criminal history and recidivism events (in the form of arrests, convictions, probation sentences, and prison admissions) are shown as an overall total, as well as by offense type. The statistical estimates that are produced include the total number and percentage in the cohort with the specified recidivism event, and the average number of events experienced. Chart options include the selection of cohort subgroups and a choice of several statistical estimates. In making the award to the Illinois SAC, the Award Committee called the tool "innovative and easy to use. Displays are easy to understand, and complex analyses are made simple with this tool."

Vermont SAC
VCJR-XCT: A Software Tool to Analyze XML-Encoded Criminal History Records

Few statistical analysis tools allow analysis to be done on XML-based data - and almost none allow analysis on XML-based data that is hierarchical in nature. The Vermont Center for Justice Research (VCJR) developed an internal tool that allows XML-encoded criminal history databases to be analyzed more easily using existing statistical analysis tools such as SPSS, which by themselves do not have native XML database capability. In making the award to the Vermont SAC, the Award Committee cited the tool's innovative capability that allows criminal justice agencies to access data themselves and enables the Vermont Center for Justice Research to do new types of research.

West Virginia SAC
Project IDA: Making Statistics Accessible through Interactive Data Analysis

Project IDA (Interactive Data Analysis) is the first state-level, online, query-based application for obtaining statistics from multiple data sources. Initially the application contained law enforcement and adult corrections population data; community corrections program data have since been added. In addition to a variety of data sources, the system can also include data over multiple years to illustrate trends. The application utilizes a user-friendly interface that allows users to obtain information through a series of data filter options-anything from aggregate crime totals at the state or county level to very detailed information on the number of offenders with specific characteristics. The application can be accessed through the WVSAC website at https://apps.wv.gov/dcjs/sac/. In making the award to the West Virginia SAC, the Award Committee noted that this innovative application is very easy to use and it incorporates a lot of NIBRS categories into the format.

Past JRSA Website and SAC Innovation Awards recipients

National Publication Award
BJS Special Award for State Justice Statistics Achievement

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