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Douglas Yearwood National Publication Award

The Douglas Yearwood National Publication Award recognizes outstanding efforts by Statistical Analysis Centers to apply empirical analysis to criminal justice policy making in the states. The award is given in two categories: Statistical/Management and Research/Policy Analysis. Two awards are given within each of those categories based on the size of the staff, one for small SACs, with fewer than five full-time staff, and one for large SACs.

The National Publication Award was established in 1986 as the Phillip Hoke Award in memory of the first Louisiana SAC director and one of the founders of JRSA. The award was renamed in 2012 in memory of longtime North Carolina SAC Director, and former JRSA President, Douglas Yearwood.

2017 Nominations

Deadline: Friday, June 2, 2017

JRSA is pleased to sponsor the annual SAC Publication Contest for the Doug Yearwood Award to recognize outstanding efforts that inform justice policy. Awards are given in two categories: 1) statistical/management, and 2) research/policy analysis. Within each of the award categories, two SACs (one large and one small) will be recognized.

  • SACs with four or fewer full-time equivalent staff classify as small;
  • Those with five or more full-time equivalent staff are large.

Criminal justice experts familiar with the work of SACs will evaluate the contest entries. All publications, whether research reports, newsletters, or articles, qualify as long as they were published after June 17, 2016. (either in hard copy or online) and at least 50% of the work was conducted by SAC staff (e.g., writing, data collection, cleaning, and/or analysis).

A SAC may enter only one publication in each category. The 2017 Doug Yearwood National Publication Award winners will be announced prior to the National Forum on Criminal Justice and awards will be handed out during the awards luncheon on August 1st.

2016 Awards

Reports in this category present statistical data that identify and describe one or more justice-related issues. This type of report usually includes tables and graphs, with some text that explains and summarizes the data depicted.

Oregon Statistical Analysis Center
Oregon Recidivism Analysis
Oregon Criminal Justice Commission
(Small SAC)

West Virginia Statistical Analysis Center
Evidence-Based Offender Assessment: A Comparative Analysis of West Virginia and U.S. Risk Scores
written by Leighann J. Davidson, Stephen M. Haas, Douglas H. Spence, and Thomas K. Arnold
(Large SAC)

Research/Policy Analysis
Reports in this category pose one or more specific research or evaluation questions and typically employ a specific research design to address the issues raised. They usually involve the collection and analysis of data (either quantitative or qualitative), summarize findings, and offer conclusions and recommendations.

Oregon Statistical Analysis Center
Short-Term Transitional Leave Program in Oregon
Oregon Criminal Justice Commission
(Small SAC)

West Virginia Statistical Analysis Center
Recidivism by Direct Sentence Clients Released from Day Report Centers in 2011: Predictors and Patterns over Time
written by Douglas H. Spence and Stephen M. Haas
(Large SAC)

Past National Publication Award winners

JRSA Website and SAC Innovation Awards
BJS Special Award for State Justice Statistics Achievement

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